//HALF HITCHES (draw-pin type hitch)

HALF HITCHES (draw-pin type hitch)

This type of hitch is usually only used on machines up to 6 tons but we have made them all the way up for 30 ton machines! They are the cheapest form of mechanical hitch of which we are aware.

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The features of the NIMROD half hitch:

For maximum durability a half hitch needs to have as little movement as possible between itself and the bucket pins. Any movement will cause more wear.

  • Therefore we fully machine the length of the half bush so that the  full pin length is supported (some manufacturers only use a profile cut surface so there is a lot less support area on the pin which means fast wear)
  • The bush in the back is machine reamed to the correct tolerance and the hitch is welded up in a jig to make sure the alignment is correct
  • To help take the draw pin in and out the hitch has a grease nipple. The nipple has a protector around it to guard it

To use the half hitch your implements must all have exactly the same pin centres

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