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Root rakes

Root rakes from 1-32 ton



From 1-35 ton plus, we can build a root rake specifically for you

When it comes to root rakes it’s hard to say there is a standard design as we have found that operators are often looking for a particular design for the type of work they do. It may be for be site clean up, demolishing, silage, tree work, or actually raking for roots. The application dictates what the best shape of the rake should be, and other variables like the tyne spacing, etc.

We are aware that many of you know more about root rakes than we can shake a stick at, but for those of you who are new to the game, we suggest you think about the following:

  • The shape – a gentle curve, a deep curve or one that has a flat bottom and sits flat
  • How heavy do the tynes need to be – are you moving rocks or just picking up rubbish silage?
  • The sort of cutting edge – for raking gorse and roots you need a jagged edge, for site clean up you need a straight cutting edge or a bar
  • Tyne spacing – this will determine what will fall through. The more tynes, the more the cost

 Over the years we have built up a large number to designs so chances are we already have what you need

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