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ROTOLOC standard 5-30 ton

Nimrod’s ROTOLOC hitch

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Central to the design is the strikingly simple rotor locking mechanism. The rotor, which rotates in the hitch body, has an inner bore which is eccentric to the outer diameter. As the rotor turns into the lock position, the distance between the half bush and the rotor is ever-increasing. The rotor turns until one bucket pin is fully engaged in the half bush, and the other is locked in the rotor.

The advantage is that when digging, all reverse forces are applied to the rotor and absorbed directly by the hitch, in a radial fashion around the rotor. The rotor-activating cylinder feels none of these forces.
There is very little pin wear as the design holds the implement pins tight during all operations, and pin wear is virtually nil. Some Rotoloc hitches have now done over 20,000 hours of service.

Safety built in

  • Pilot pressure is used to continually turn the rotor around the pin. This is important as if pilot pressure is lost due to a hose failure or the like, the machine instantly becomes non-operable
  • As the reverse digging forces tend to tighten the rotor’s grip on the bucket pin, full mains pressure is needed to break the rotor’s grip
  • Also incorporated as an added level of safety, is a valve fitted to the rotor cylinder that won’t allow the rotor to loosen unless mains pressure is applied

Other features:

  • The distinctive folded body design makes it lighter than a lot of conventional designs, yet it is very strong, compact and durable, at a very cost-effective price
  • The gooseneck of the hitch is fully machined giving excellent support to the pin
  • The bucket can be turned on the hitch to be used as a face shovel