The advantages of the Rotoloc tilt:

  • Compact and light

  • Internal cylinders

  • Tilts 45 degrees each way

  • Ease of hosing

  • Durable

  • Cost effective

  • Rebuildable

Central to the design is a single double-acting cylinder, which provides the tilting action 45 degrees each way. The cylinder is sized and mounted in such a way so that when the power is on the rod side of the cylinder it has the same force as any of the equivalent on the market. When tilting the opposite way it has around 80% more tilting force. One cylinder instead of two means that weight, maintenance and hose costs are cut down. As far as we are aware, it is the most compact and the lightest in its class.

Other features:

  • Easy to replace trunnion cylinder bushes are used

  • Durable, spherical plain bearings are used for the main pivot bushes which give excellent life as the movement is within the bearing and not the pin on the bush

  • The gooseneck of the hitch is fully machined giving excellent support to the pin

  • Main pins are threaded to help extraction

  • Grease points are protected

  • Hitch allows bucket to be turned and used as a face shovel

  • The hitch has been through stress analysis (FEA) to ensure that it will take the stress loading, yet not heavier than need be

Refer to the Rotoloc standard hitch to see the advantages of the hitch locking mechanism