Smaller machine owners have a real need for a practical mechanical quick coupler which will allow them to be more productive yet doesn’t cost them the earth.

In general the problem with mechanical couplers is that the operator must get out of the machine to take a safety pin out, undo a thread mechanism or pull a pin or wedge, then get out again and repeat the process to fit the new implement. With some systems after the machine has been worked a while the operator needs to get out at least once more taking the slack out. The other problem is that most hitches add length to the dipper, which changes the digging geometry of the machine significantly.

Klac’s solution is a very innovative design and the beauty of it is in the simplicity of the system.  The design reduces the number of parts and eliminates any need for greasing, adjusting or servicing. To unlock the hitch the operator only has to get out and pull a lever, and then the hitch locks on automatically to the new implement and there is no safety pin!

The way the hitch attaches means that it has two levels of safety built in to the design. It complies with all EU standards.

Another appealing fact is that the hitch when fitted follows fairly closely to the machine’s original geometry, which means very little if any break out force is lost.

The main parts are cast steel guaranteeing that they are rugged and will give long service.


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